Pintxing, what a pintxos tour is all about

When you arrive in San Sebastian we bet you will come across a local hero called Pintxo. First thing you should know: this popular being is to be eaten. And second thing much more important: it is addictive. So, be careful if you do not want to put on weight during your San Sebastian Experience. Mr. Pintxo is the Basque version of the Spanish Ms. Tapa, but in our humble opinion the former being premium miniature food.


Mr. Pintxo is located everywhere in Donostia (the Basque name for San Sebastian) and therefore you won’t have problems finding him. He is little, good-looking, smells very well and lives in bars and taverns. A great advantage when you deal with him is that you won’t have any problem understanding him since he doesn’t need any words to seduce you. He will speak to you in his special flavoured language.


The Pintxo World is diverse and opened to innovation. No matter if you are more likely to eat seafood, meat, or vegetables. A pintxo can be any kind of them. It consists of a small slice of bread (sometimes without it) upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredients are placed and fastened with a toothpick. That ‘s why is called pintxo meaning, “spike”.


Well, it is time to see in a picture what a pintxo looks like: 



Normally, a pintxo is shown on the bar together with other members of The Pintxo Family, as you can see on this picture below:



Ok, and now comes the best. Pintxos is not all about eating. It has to do with socializing and meeting people. Making a pintxos tour (from now on we’ll call it pintxing) is a local custom and donostiarras (the people from San Sebastian) love it.


Do you want to come pintxing with us on our accessible pintxo tour?

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