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Today Bask for All launches its new accessible website where you will find more information about our products and services and our team.

The website provides updated information on our accommodation options, gastronomic, cultural and sport tours and adds two new sections dedicated to relax and health. In case you’re planning to visit the Basque Country, you’ll find what you’re looking for – transportation, equipment rental and assistance during your trip.

Health and rehabilitation tourism is increasingly relevant and Spain has become the sixth European medical destination and eighth worldwide. In Bask for All we give safety and health a special importance so we want to continue giving you information about the existing coverage, so that those who nowadays do not dare to travel, ado so in the near future.

You will also find information on the advisory and training services we provide for the tourism sector thanks to the “Accessible for All” working group. We are interested in helping the sector to be more and more prepared to adequately serve everyone.

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